Now that comic book flicks are bringing in the big bucks (yes, really!), it seems like every title you could think of will be headed for the big screen sooner or later. The latest will be a feature film adaption of Repeat Offenders' upcoming graphic novel, American Reaper by Pat Mills and Clint Langley. The Hollywood Reporter announced today that the film rights were purchased by Xingu Films, which is Trudie Styler's (better known as Mrs. Gordon Sumner) shingle.

According to THR, "the story is set in a future where identity theft leads to victims having their minds erased and replaced by those of the elderly rich seeking a second youth or by criminals and terrorists with more sinister motives. A team of special agents, known as Reapers, are formed to track down and terminate those responsible." Mills will be adapting the story for the screen, and Xingu has already projected a budget of $50 million for the flick.

Styler will share producer credit with Alex Francis and Repeat Offender's Jeremy Davis will serve as executive producer. No cast has been attached, and Styler told THR, "It's rare for us to sign up to a project based on just a proposal, but the opportunity to work with proven talent like Pat and Clint from such an early stage, on a project with so much potential, was just too good to pass up." -- I'm sure the profit potential for comic book films had a little something to do with her enthusiasm for the project.

Now that studios are snapping up comic book projects at a furious pace, the important question still remains: How long will it take before audiences begin to suffer from comic book fatigue at the box office? Sound off below...
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