Warning: The above clip includes foul language.

Though you probably don't know his name yet, trust me when I say that within a month from now everyone will be talking about Danny McBride. He's already popped up in a few flicks (Hot Rod, Foot Fist Way, Drillbit Taylor), but it's his role as Red in Pineapple Express that absolutely, positively steals the show. Not to mention you'll also be seeing him play a special effects wizard in Tropic Thunder one week later. Oh, and though he's not credited on IMDB (yet), dude also shows up in Fanboys.

That said, as part of the very funny viral marketing behind Tropic Thunder, the above video (featuring the amazing Special Effects / Stunt Coordinator, Cody Keith Underwood, aka Danny McBride) comes to us from the Rain of Madness site, which, in case you didn't know (see our original post here), is the name of the fictional Tropic Thunder behind-the-scenes documentary. Keep in mind, this is a documentary about the movie being shot within the movie Tropic Thunder, and not a documentary about the movie you'll actually be going to see on August 13. Confused much? Good. The more confused you are, the easier it will be to trick you into reading more Cinematical. And more Cinematical. And more Cinematical. Hear that (does a little Jedi mind stuff) ... you will read Cinematical. Oh yes, you will.

And go see Tropic Thunder on August 13 -- word on the street is it's an absolute riot.