Remember that preemptive purchase Paramount made last year for Christopher Reich's The Rules of Deception? Well, it seems that they were on the right track, because the book has now come out and seems to be doing quite well. And with that success, Variety reports that Adam Cozad has been hired to direct the screenplay. Cozad is just hitting the scene, having written the thriller Dubai, and currently penning an adaptation of The Brotherhood of the Rose, which he will finish before getting into Deception.

If you're not one of the readers grabbing the book off the shelves, the thriller centers on a doctor who loses his wife when she falls into a ravine in the Swiss Alps during a hike. While grieving over the loss, he gets a letter addressed to her, learning that "she wasn't who he thought she was and soon finds himself in the center of a mess that could result in nuclear war in the Middle East."

If this is your cup of tea, rejoice, because the studio and author want to make this a franchise -- Reich is currently penning the next installment.
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