Over the last few years, Aline Brosh McKenna has become the IT writer girl for rom-coms -- which is a large improvement on her cinematic start, Three to Tango. She's the pen behind the adaptation of The Devil Wears Prada. She just brought us 27 Dresses. She's got a bunch of future projects on her plate. And is now adding another one. The Hollywood Reporter posts that she's going to adapt Karen Quinn's The Ivy Chronicles.

This might sound familiar, because it's the Sarah Jessica Parker-headed project that Eugene blogged about in June. Said to be in the vein on The Devil Wears Prada (which makes Aline's inclusion pretty darned appropriate), the project focuses on a rich New Yorker who loses her job and starts a business helping other rich people get their kids into elite kindergartens. Oh, rich woes.

The material certainly isn't a stretch for the Sex and the City star, or McKenna, so we can imagine how it will turn out as SJP shows us yet another angle of her rich Manhattanite side.
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