At last, there's a delightful cast addition to The Picture of Dorian Gray. In all the excitement of summer, this film undoubtedly dropped off your radar. But back in May, Ben Barnes (otherwise known as Prince Caspian) was cast as the eternally beautiful lead. (I know some of you haven't forgotten, I get comments praising Barnes about once a week. He's got quite a following!)

Now, the god of lushly wet shirts (otherwise known as Colin Firth ) has joined the cast. According toThe Hollywood Reporter, he'll be playing the witty Lord Henry Wotton, the aristocrat who corrupts young Gray with his hedonistic pursuits and outlook. And yes, there's a good dash of homoeroticism inherent in their relationship as well. It has the potential to be deliciously dark and twisted onscreen.

Firth is, obviously, no stranger to costume pieces or Oscar Wilde. He co-starred in the delightful The Importance of Being Earnest, which was also directed by Wilde aficionado Oliver Parker. As they're selling this as a "visceral, dark horror story," I'm really excited to see Firth in it. He seems to be the go-to guy for American romantic comedies lately, and it will be fun to see him be villainous again. Filming begins this week, and I bet there will be photos of both men in cravats and poet shirts in London's Metro paper by the end of August.
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