If you're going to return to the big screen after a long break and a big scandal, it probably helps to have the biggest co-star you can grab. It looks like Mel Gibson has done exactly that with his upcoming Edge of Darkness, because according to Variety, Robert De Niro is in talks to join the cast.

Edge is a big-screen remake of the 1985 BBC miniseries, and it centers on Thomas Craven, a Boston detective, whose 24-year-old daughter is murdered on the front steps of their home. Assuming he was the target, Craven begins investigating the murder, only to discover a startling conspiracy that reaches into high levels of government. Robert De Niro will play an operative sent to clean up the evidence, which probably means he'll engage in fisticuffs with Gibson at some point. The movie is set to begin filming this month in Massachusetts, and has a SAG waiver to continue if a strike occurs.

As I've stated before, I'm really looking forward to seeing Gibson acting again, and I love the idea of him pairing up with De Niro. It's a casting combination that I'm surprised hasn't happened before. I just hope the film, and its performances, can be judged on its own merit and not condemned because of Gibson's past behavior. And with that, I ask you to try and remain civil in the comments!

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