Last year, Christopher Campbell gave us a Michael Cera "rewind" from Steal This Movie. I hate to be repetitive, but there's another clip I just have to share. Did you know that George Michael once popped up in a Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen television movie called Switching Goals?

He plays Taylor, a jerky tyke who is mean to Ashley and tells her she can't be a good goalie. (This inner-movie knowledge is thanks to the IMDb message board.) In the clip above, the kid gets to be jerky while buying cleats. "Watch it! I have a very delicate bone structure!"

See? Cera can be more than just sweet, passive little boys. He can be a snarky dude trying to protect his bones as well!

Last Rewind Answer: While most of you guessed that Tom Cruise was the man who wasn't considered for the part of Jim Morrison in The Doors, it was actually James Spader.