First, the obvious news: There will soon be a third live-action Scooby-Doo movie.

Now, three additional pieces of bad news:

1. It will be a direct-to-video production from Warner Premiere, which means we can probably expect it to be the kids' version of Lost Boys: The Tribe -- and I don't know any kids who deserve that sort of punishment.

2. It will be a prequel called Scooby Doo: The Beginning. Because the world just has to know how a normal dog becomes a pot-smoking food addict who can solve crimes and TALK.

3. The film will be directed by Brian Levant, who I'm sure is a very decent person, but just look at the films he's directed: Jingle All the Way, Problem Child 2, Snow Dogs, The Flintstones 2, and Are We There Yet? So ... yeah, I guess if WB is intent on going forward with this flick, they've found the right man for the job. The screenplay comes from a pair of brothers who are also turning the video game Spyro into a movie -- plus they just penned a film called Gym Teacher: The Movie.

According to Variety, Scooby Doo: The Beginning will premiere on DVD and Cartoon Network in late in 2009. (A live-action movie premiering on Cartoon Network? That's just crazy!) The IMDb has an early cast list up, but it could be erroneous at this early date -- but since I don't know who these actors are, I guess it doesn't really matter.
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