Disney doesn't read and buy comic books very often -- the last one I can remember them optioning was Pet Robots, which is still sitting in pre-production land. (And was, interestingly enough, optioned year ago this week!) When it comes to comics, Disney likes to stick to making their own.

But now, according to Variety, they've gone and optioned themselves a new graphic novel -- and it's a loud one. They've purchased the rights to Marc Bernardin and Adam Freeman's Monster Attack Network, a story for all of those who relish Godzilla movies.
It centers around the South Pacific island of Lapuatu, perfect in every way, except for frequent attacks by giant sea monsters. That's where the Monster Attack Network comes in, a group of tough first responders who battle (but rarely kill) the pesky monster invaders, and oversee the aftermath of rebuilding. It's perfect for a over-the-top summer movie idea, a lighthearted Cloverfield, even down to its heroes -- handsome, muscle-bound Nate Klinger, and his incredibly sexy new coworker Lana Barnes. No director or release date has been named yet, but Jason Netter (yet another industry fellow with Wanted on his resume) is set to produce. Casting should be a breeze. My mind is buzzing with a dozen hot actors and actresses they could put in this thing.

I've scoured the Internet for a preview for you, but all I can find is an interview with Bernardin and Freeman on Comics Bulletin which has a few uncolored pages you can gaze at. It seems like it could be a fun popcorn movie, especially for all those hankering to see monsters smashing skyscrapers, and helicopters driven through giant octopus eyes.

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