I'm a sucker for slightly alternate realities. I'm not talking about strange lives on other planets, or sci-fi wackiness in space. Instead, I'm talking about the worlds where things are just like they are now, except, different. Think Mark Leyner's forays into tetherballs, gastroenterologists, and tattooed internal organs. While his work probably won't hit the screen for a while, if ever (thanks to War Inc.), we're getting another writer's stab at alternate realities.

Variety reports that Oren Segal (who has also nabbed Downers Grove) has picked up the rights to Lisa Lerner's first novel, Just Like Beauty, for Nick Pustay to adapt. If you thought Little Miss Sunshine was weird, you ain't seen nothing yet.

A dark comedy set in a dystopic near-future where things are just a wee bit different, the book focuses on a 14-year-old girl named Edie Stein, who is preparing for a beauty pageant to please her mother. But these aren't the pageants of yesterday -- "girls must not only display 'Better Person Skills' and their knowledge of chemical substances but also simulate sex with the Electric Polyrubber Man and sacrifice trained rabbits and sew them into muffs." In case that wasn't strange enough, she also faces a local gang called the Blow Torchers and "chemically amped-up grasshoppers." What more could you want?
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