Oh, teenagers. We grown-ups might mock you for your questionable taste in entertainment, fashion, and slang terms, but secretly we remember that we were once just like you. Some of us legitimately thought, back in the days of our own youth, that Gremlins was the greatest film ever made. So who are we to laugh at you when you vote Step Up 2 to the Streets (pictured) best movie drama of the year? You'll be embarrassed by that decision years from now, and you'll make fun of the teenagers who, in the year 2018, are selecting Saw XV: Still Sawin' as best drama.

The 10th annual Teen Choice Awards were held last night in L.A. and will be televised tonight on Fox. Miley Cyrus was the host, and early word is that she managed to stay clothed the entire time. As mentioned, Step Up 2 the Streets won the award for "choice movie drama." (They say "choice" instead of "best," perhaps as an acknowledgment that no one really thinks this movie is the best; it's simply the one they've chosen.) The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian won for choice movie action-adventure, and Juno won choice movie comedy.

The rest of the movie-related awards, courtesy of the Associated Press, are after the jump. Should we have given a spoiler warning? Are the people watching the show tonight hoping to be surprised by the results? We face ethical dilemmas like this when awards shows are pre-taped. Anyway, the winners:
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