While I feel a little bit guilty about it, I love Can't Hardly Wait. It's not a huge, universally loved high school film on par with the likes of The Breakfast Club, but it is a quirky little film that nicely captured the skewed politics of high school and teen life in the '90s. And it's full of Buffy the Vampire Slayer co/guest-stars. FULL.

Seth Green - Oz - Kenny. Paige Moss - Veruca - Ashley (girl who remembers Kenny's Cheetos incident). Clea DuVall - Invisible Girl Marcie - Jana the allergic dancer. Christopher Wiehl - Owen - Horny Guy. Channon Roe - Zeppo Jack - Jake, Jock #1. Eric Balfour - Jesse - brownie licker. John Patrick White - Beastly Pete - Tassle Guy. Nicole Bilderback - a Cordette - "Ready to Have Sex Girl."

And finally, Amber Benson - Tara - Stoned Girl. Now here's the potentially awesome news: After the last disappointing release that didn't have any deleted scenes (although her role was talked about and infamous), the Tenth Anniversary release is including deleted scenes! They better include Benson's stint, or I think Elfont and Kaplan will get accosted with discs flying through the air.

Beyond that, the disc offers both the original commentary and a new one, a 10-year reunion, and some featurettes. The DVD will hit shelves on September 30. Get your pop tarts and get ready!