Having already thrice not understood the words coming out of Chris Tucker's mouth, it seems smart that Jackie Chan will go ahead and head towards the considerably greener pastures of family-friendly actioners. After all, just these past few months have seen The Forbidden Kingdom and Kung Fu Panda post respectable grosses (even if he only had the slightest voice part in the latter).

However, it's a shame to see the star come under the direction of one Brian Levant, who helped bring the world Are We There Yet? and Snow Dogs, not to mention that Scooby-Doo prequel that Scott made mention of the other day. The project itself is called The Spy Next Door, and according to the Hollywood Reporter, it has Chan playing the role of reluctant babysitter to the neighbor's kids, one of whom has inadvertently downloaded some super-secret code and thus attracted the attention of secret agents unlikely to anticipate his kung-fu mastery. (I'm just taking a stab here - to boot, he and the kids will probably come to form a bond (pun points!), and just in time for the wacky outtakes reel, right?).

Sorry for the snark, but I just find it hard to believe that this project is going to live up to the man's potential. After such a physically demanding career, I shouldn't begrudge the man a safe bet like this at the age of 54, but really, is an inverted version of The Pacifier the best we - and, in turn, he - can offer?

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