The online world is becoming a smaller place every day. Last night I was watching the always-delightful Late Night with Conan O'Brian and Judd Apatow was on to promote Pineapple Express. As I was preoccupied with writing, I was only half listening and laughing along, until Apatow started talking about his experiences with ComicCon and fandom.

Apatow confessed that he does go online to read, it seems, every word of angry backlash that is thrown his way. Just when it's on the verge of getting to him, he says (and yes, I'm paraphrasing since the episode isn't available on NBC yet -- I'll try to add it to this post when it is) "you realize that it's written by someone named DannyGloversD*ckBlood."

Sadly, I nearly died laughing, because I know the handle to be a real one. He's a regular presence around the infamous Talkbacks of Ain't It Cool News. Already, his fellow Talkbackers are congratulating him on his five minutes of fame. I don't know what is scarier -- that Apatow knows the name, that I remember it, or that someone said "Yes, this is the name I will use in a public forum." (Horror of horrors, what if it's actually Danny Glover?)

Like I said, the world of online geekdom is becoming a smaller place every day. When actors, directors, and producers say they're reading your message board posts, blogs, and sites, they aren't joking. You might be surprised as to who is lurking and browsing right beside you as you peruse Cinematical today. So remember: be nice, be honest, and for heaven's sake, choose your handle wisely! Hollywood is watching you.

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