Despite a lack of any real range, Mark Ruffalo is one of my favorite actors -- it's just so easy to identify with the affable schlub character he's made his forte. He's always seemed like a smart guy -- he's made smart choices -- so I'm looking forward to his just-announced directorial debut, the bizarrely titled Sympathy for Delicious. Ruffalo will co-star with James Franco and screenwriter Chris Thornton.

It's hard to know what to make of the premise. "Delicious" is actually the name of a DJ, played by Thornton, who becomes paralyzed and apparently homeless in Los Angeles. He toys with faith healing and discovers the ability to heal people (though not himself), which makes him famous. Ruffalo plays a Jesuit priest who tries to help him; Franco a rock star who tries to exploit him."

I believe we're talking about this Chris Thornton, whose most significant credit is a part in Pretty Persuasion, and who is handicapped in real life following a rock-climbing fall. The all-seeing, all-knowing IMDb claims he's best friends with Ruffalo. The movie sounds like something that might get trapped in the festival circuit, though we'll see -- Franco's presence might help.

Sympathy for Delicious shoots this fall.
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