Just over a year ago, Christopher Campbell blogged about Flash of Genius heading towards production with Greg Kinnear. It's the story of Robert Kearns, the man who invented the intermittent windshield wiper and had to battle automakers all the way to the Supreme Court to get payment for his patent. Campbell noted: "The problem with waiting so long to get the film into production is that now Kearns has passed away and won't get to see how well Kinnear portrays him."

But Kearns isn't the only one who's missing the chance to see the film come to fruition -- screenwriter Philip Railsback died a few years ago. But that's not stopping his unfinished work. The Hollywood Reporter posts that the late writer's brother, Steve Railsback, is planning to bring one of Philip's final scripts to the screen -- a dark comedy called Barstow. Starring Keith Carradine and Scott Wilson, the film focuses on "three desperate characters, one of whom finds hope in a small, depressed town." The screenwriter had penned the script a decade ago, "after living among poor residents of the eponymous California town."

These are just two of a handful of Railsback's scripts that are in development. It's too bad he can't see them come together.
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