Ugh. I should've known that with the release of Lost Boys 2, nothing beloved was sacred. Sure, we've posted Goonies 2 rumors before, when Sean Astin called it an "absolute certainty," and when Data and Chunk were approached, even though Josh Brolin had heard nothing. Now, if Moviehole's sources are to be believed, it's definitely on the way. And no, I'm not talking about a Goonies 2 video game re-release. (Will the Wii ever get it!? I keep waiting...)

An unnamed source (one that we'd supposedly "know straight away this was a solid bit of news") said that it is definitely happening -- not as a Tribeish straight-to-video release, but as a full-scale feature film (which WB has confirmed). Writers are whipping it up now, and it'll feature some of the original cast. That's a huge bummer, because the only way I could begin to get intrigued would be if all the surviving people signed on once again. It wasn't too long ago that the entire cast reunited for that DVD commentary, so I'll still hope for a full, or almost full, return.

But still, it's a crapshoot whether this will be worthy of the beloved original. What would they have to do to capture your interest in the sequel?

UPDATE: Corey Feldman tells Moviefone a Goonies sequel will most likely not happen: "Well, 'The Goonies' is one of those mythical sequels that will never happen [laughs]. I mean, it's something that Donner and Spielberg were behind for years and years, and again it's a Warner Bros. issue; they just feel they don't want to take the gamble on making the sequel." Read more ...
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