Since it doesn't open for another week, I'm not allowed to spill much about what I thought of Tropic Thunder, but suffice it to say, the laughs get off to an extra-early start with a collection of fake trailers featuring our leads as the film's stars in other projects. Along the same lines came promotional efforts that included a fake trailer for a fake making-of doc (well, the DVD will prove that one) and several websites for those characters and their movies.

One of those websites was for Ben Stiller's character, Tugg Speedman, in his high-profile bid for awards glory as a mentally disabled farmhand in Simple Jack. However, out of context, this high-concept faux-site has stirred up concern from the likes of many very real disability rights groups -- among them, the Special Olympics -- and according to Variety, the site has been pulled down in response.

The concern is fairly grounded, but it's a relatively minor kerfuffle that will damage neither the image of the represented individuals nor the performance of the film when it opens... a film which just so happens to boast a terrifically astute assessment of performances similar to Speedman's in the real industry, no part of which can stand to be repeated here and especially now.

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