It's amazing what two goofy songs can do for one's career. Wayne McClammy was one of the names behind that Jimmy Kimmel song phenomenon earlier this year, when love was still in the air for Jimmy and Sarah and music could flow freely. In June, the songs helped McClammy score a movie deal, and now he's already got another one gearing up.

The Hollywood Reporter posts that McClammy is going to direct a new revenge comedy called Beat Kip. Just like Cool School, which will have some 30-something men going back to high school to regain their cool, this pic will have some guys being juvenile. Kip centers on three friends "who travel across the country to confront an Icy League nemesis who stole one of the guys' girlfriends," and was written by Todd Waldman and Rob Kerkovich.

This is one of those simple classic plots that could be an insanely huge comedy if done right, or one to scowl and run away from if done poorly. It's too soon to tell, but if he can do another awesome "We Are the World" spoof, I'm so there.
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