Hearing that an actor was going to play a former high school jock brings to mind a myriad of images. Perhaps he's the same guy, but bald and kind of dorky. Perhaps he's gained a lot of beer weight and drools lecherously at female passerby. Perhaps ... he dons a Pebbles ponytail, black wife beater, and is covered in tats?

The above is part of a selection of Josh Holloway shots that Just Jared has scored from the set of Stay Cool. This is the comedy starring Mark Polish as an author who heads back to high school to give a commencement address, and confronts an eager teen (Hilary Duff), as well as his big school crush (Winona Ryder) and her ex-boyfriend *Wino (Holloway), a tattoo artist.

Methinks Polish will have no problem seeming like the better of the two, at least while the dude sports that 'do and keeps that name.

*According to a unit publicist on the film: "Holloway will play Wino, Henry McCarthy's (MARK POLISH) ne'er-do-well high school buddy who encourages the visiting Henry to seek out his long lost high school flame, Scarlet Smith (WINONA RYDER)."
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