This isn't the first murmur of a remake of The Party. In October of last year, there were rumors that Sacha Baron Cohen starring in a new take on the Peter Sellers film. But this is a bird of an entirely different feather.

The Hollywood Reporter posts that Marco Garibaldi, who directed a few episodes of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers in the '90s, is ending his 10-year absence from entertainment with a new production company. He will write and direct a thriller called Last Chance Motel, develop The Vault, but focus on his flagship project --a remake of The Party. "Remake" is being used as loosely as possible.

Instead of Hrundi V. Bakshi heading to a glamorous Hollywood party and trying to fit in, "a hapless blond Midwesterner will have his appearance changed to resemble an Indian by a zealous studio eager he fit a part." Then he gets to this fancy party and mingles with a bunch of stars popping up in cameos. I guess his challenge is to figure out how to mingle as an Indian man for the role? Or, to confuse people by being a seemingly brown-skinned man with a midwestern accent?

Shmeh. This sounds like a mess.
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