By now, we've all heard about the woes of THINKFilm, and how it has affected a myriad of filmmakers, from Alex Gibney suing over the company's treatment of Taxi to the Darkside, to David O. Russel's Nailed getting nailed over and over again. If you missed some of this, click here.

Now THINKFilm head David Bergstein has talked about the drama with The Hollywood Reporter, and he seems to be on a different planet than the rest of us. Check out the following quotes:

"There is always an adjective that precedes us: 'Beleaguered,' 'financially distressed,' and none of these people know anything."

"Our business plan is not so much about the movie business. It's really to build a global digital distribution business. It's based on the expectation that in the not too distant future most content will be delivered digitally and on-demand."

"Some of what is out there is true. The vast majority is not true. And for the stuff that is true, my answer is 'So what? So what if X, Y, or Z might be owed money?"

What a stellar attitude to have. I imagine those filmmakers and films attached to THINK are feeling all sorts of special and secure with that attitude guiding them. Check out the THR link for more particulars on the insanity.
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