It's cool to see small replicas, funky cakes, or maybe something knit, but there's just something even cooler when your fan creation needs its own room for storage.

This latest bit of Fan Made comes courtesy of /film's Cool Stuff -- it's a working replica of The Tumbler from both Batman movies. The guy responsible, Bob Dullam, made this thing without blueprints. It was all done with photos found online, piece by piece. I'm beyond impressed. He says, "All parts are scratch built, 'cept tires, rims, brakes, engine, etc.. meaning all body parts brackets, just about everything external on the car." This isn't just a bunch of cardboard tacked onto a car he already had. And now he wants to make the inside look as close as possible to The Tumbler's real inside.

Man, imagine hopping in that thing and driving to the store? It'd be a madhouse. It's sure to make a number of fans go wild, and I bet make a few people teetering on the edge of sanity begin to believe that Batman is real. And do you even need a car alarm for that?

Check out a few more pics of the fan made Tumbler in the gallery below ...

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