On the sixth of every month, Zack Snyder sends forth another Watchmen production diary. This month, the hosting honor goes to Yahoo! Movies, and I have to gently scold them for getting it online so late in the day. Half the point is the date! It's a countdown, after all. But given the insane amount of Watchmen stuff we've had recently, I'm going to generously forgive them. Go watch it, and come back to say how much you want to climb inside of it.

This month, it's all about the biggest star of this year's ComicCon -- the Owlship! It shows the hard working men and women who constructed the goggle-eyed ship, a few shots of it "flying" around the set, and a look at its highly detailed interior. (No shot of its coffee machine, though.) It's spoiler free, so those of you new to the story can watch and enjoy. I now covet a miniature version of the ship, such as Zack Snyder is zooming around the set. If something similar is not on store shelves come March, I will be bitterly disappointed.

Watchmen opens March 6th, 2009.