UPDATE: Variety confirms today that Brad Pitt has officially signed on to star in Tarantino's Inglorious Bastards. In the flick, Pitt will play a "Tennessee hillbilly who assembles a team of eight Jewish-American soldiers." Eli Roth and BJ Novak are also signed on to star.

Originally posted July 7, 2008 ...

Quentin Tarantino is wasting no time getting Inglorious Bastards into production -- it may make Cannes 2009 after all! He's aiming now for an October shoot, his screenplay is apparently done, it's out to studios for financing, and now all he needs is his cast.

As of yet, there have been no official casting announcements, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, rumors are currently circling Brad Pitt's name. Frankly, the thought fills me with delight! Pitt does his finest work in edgier fare, and an appearance in a Tarantino-helmed movie (remember he played a role in True Romance, off a script written by Tarantino) seems long, long overdue. It would also bring his eerie career synchronicity with George Clooney full circle, wouldn't it?

The biggest question seems to be his schedule, which is jam packed with new babies, movies ( three of which he's starring in, eight that he is producing), publicity obligations, and his charity projects. I mean, he's trying to help rebuild New Orleans! Can he fit Inglorious Bastards in? October is not that far away.

Tarantino standbys Tim Roth and Michael Madsen have long been unofficially attached, and I have no doubt they'll make it legal before too long. I'd would love to see Harvey Keitel make an appearance too. And to have Pitt in the inglorious bunch seems so right.
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