I can't think of anything hotter than Megan Fox as a sexed-up Mother Teresa in an NC-17-rated film. We should just call that Atheist Porn. I kid, I kid. But anyway, the entire movie world was thrown for a loop when this mysterious trailer for a hardcore Mother Teresa flick starring Megan Fox showed up online. Was this an older film Fox starred in before she became hot-famous? Was this leaked footage from Michael Bay's private fetish collection? Or ... was it another one of those fake trailers for a movie within a movie? Unfortunately for all the disturbed individuals who'd love to watch a full-length, NC-17-rated Mother Teresa biopic, the latter is indeed true and the above fake trailer is part of the marketing campaign behind Fox's next flick, How to Lose Friends and Alienate People.

The fake film, titled Mother Theresa: The Making of a Saint (official website here), stars Sophie Maes (Megan Fox) as Mother Teresa. Maes, we assume, is the name of Fox's character in How to Lose Friends. That film, in case you're wondering (watch the real trailer over on Moviefone) is based on Toby Young's memoir and tells of a bumbling celebrity journalist (Simon Pegg) who's hired by an upscale New York magazine and proceeds to, well, lose friends and alienate people. How to Lose Friends and Alienate People arrives in theaters on October 3. Meanwhile, Megan Fox's NC-17-rated Mother Theresa movie is currently available for download in your dreams.

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