It's not some big, gasp-worthy piece of news here, but if you are among the masses who love Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright, and Jessica Hynes, and devour all things Spaced, you should check out the Pegg-run interview over at Collider.

Why would he run the interview? Well, Collider head Steve Weintraub got smacked in the head by a falling, curtain-holding beam as the back of Hall H collapsed at Comic-Con. Since this world isn't one of brief birdies and quick, 100% recoveries, Pegg agreed to take over the interviewing duties.

As you can imagine, this is no well-paced interview or thought-provoking questions and serious responses. This is full-force Pegg, Wright, and Hynes. Imagine a lot of jokes, riffing on Weintraub, and a neverending sea of media references in true Spaced form. Should Pegg's career ever tank, or slow down a bit, that man could make a fortune with his own reality show -- Simon Pegg and the Ultimate Geek Showdown.
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