Every generation needs its own (emotionally) tortured teen horror movies. I had Brian DePalma's Carrie; will The Haunting of Molly Hartley be the torchbearer for the current generation? Err, hard to say, judging by the trailer MTV has unveiled. Molly Hartley has the religious nutjob mother, the cute caring boy (Chace Crawford), and a blond nemesis for our bruised brunette heroine (Haley Bennett), but we'll have to wait until October 31 to see if debuting director Mickey Liddell can deliver genuine thrills and chills. It doesn't bode well that the trailer fairly screams PG-13.

At least Molly Hartley will be shown in theaters. Despite Scott Weinberg's well-reasoned and thoroughly researched note to Lionsgate, it looks like Gregg Bishop's great Dance of the Dead will still be heading straight to DVD on October 20. While you rail at the heavens and place your pre-orders, take a moment and check out the age-restricted trailer that IGN has posted. Consider the trailer a true tease, in that it gives you just a hint at how funny, gory, and clever Dance of the Dead is in its feature-length glory.

Scott has also raved about the Spanish horror flick [REC], which has been remade into Quarantine, due out on October 10. William Goss echoed Scott's praise for the original, while slamming the remake's trailer. Well, [REC] directors Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza told Fangoria that they aren't too happy their film wasn't even given a chance in American theaters. Plaza said: "I would prefer them to release our movie as an art-house film in the U.S., and not to make a fool of themselves by copying it." Love that brutal European honesty!

Which film are you most excited about?