Back in 2006, Erik posted about the tragic death of Nick Papac -- a 25-year-old assistant propmaster who was then working on The Kingdom. While he was driving a motorized cart on a closed stretch of highway in Arizona which was used for shooting, it accidentally collided with an SUV that happened to be carrying director Peter Berg. Papac was thrown from the cart, and pronounced dead later at the local hospital.

Now the AP/Yahoo reports that Papac's parents are suing Berg, a driver, and the production company asking for an unspecified amount that includes funeral costs, lost earnings, and medical expenses. (Papac's father, Michael, is a longtime propmaster who has worked on films like Die Hard and Iron Man.)

It seems like a fairly reasonable request, and I have to say that I'm surprised it has gotten to this stage. Perhaps things will become clear as the lawsuit continues. Papac's lawyer stated that the lawsuit is still in the early stages, so specifics could not be given.
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