I'm not sure if this gives Peter Berg anything to worry about, but it looks like he's not the only one itching to reboot Hercules as a franchise. Alexander Nevsky -- Russia's version of Arnold Schwarzenegger (not to be confused with the saint and subject of the famous Eisenstein film) -- is working on his own version, which his production company will finance for $12 million. At the moment, the project is unimaginatively titled Hercules: The Beginning.

The Hollywood Reporter article doesn't specify if this is to be a Russian (and Russian-language) production, or if it is to be in English, akin to Nevsky's recentAmericanefforts, which have gone (or will go) direct to DVD stateside. The latter strikes me as a boneheaded move, dooming the film to obscurity. If he can produce it in Russia, where he might get some bang for that $12 million, he might wind up with a minor crossover hit in the vein of Night Watchand Day Watch (each of which cost a fraction of that). The world doesn't need more cheap American B-movies, but a big-time Russian blockbuster might get noticed.

Have any schlock enthusiasts here had a chance to see any of this guy's movies? Any thoughts? I'll tentatively say I'm more psyched for the Peter Berg version.
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