Going to the movies is becoming an elaborate thing these days -- not only are people willing to pay big bucks for tickets to The Dark Knight (because, you know, it was never going to play again ever), but they camp out, dress up, cheer the appearance of Batman, and applaud at the credits. (Or even at the trailers!) At least, that's the phenomenon according to The Independent and, honestly, I've been noticing it too -- mostly the costumes, though. Seeing people in costume at a midnight showing used to be fairly rare, a novelty largely centered on Star Wars installments, but now it's happening all the time. I mean, people dressing up for Mamma Mia!? That's hardcore! (And don't pretend you're "different" than the Jedis and Jokers, either! A costume is a costume!) Granted, I think the Independent is exaggerating things -- this kind of excitement is really only seen on opening night; come the next afternoon, there is no cheering or costuming to be found. Moviegoing settles back into quiet and sleepy normalcy.

But it is an interesting phenomenon nonetheless. What the heck is causing it? Is it a frenzy caused by billions of dollars of movie marketing? Is it due to an unsatisfied need for a communal experience -- where else can you go to enjoy a crowd and establishment that is safe, clean, and friendly to all ages? Is it just those wacky convention types taking any excuse to dress up and loudly play the geek?

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