I can literally hear the Jan Hammer as I type this, but when I think Don Johnson, I think Sonny Crocket (and occasionally, the slightly less cool Nash Bridges). I know that Mr. Johnson has many other fine acting credits to his name, but I grew up in the '80s, what can you expect? But, it's not all white suit jackets and '71 Plymouth Barracuda's for Johnson any more. The Hollywood Reporter has announced that the man will be getting back into the feature film game to star in Disney's romantic comedy When in Rome, and the indie feature, A Good Old Fashioned Orgy.

Rome stars Kristen Bell (TV's Veronica Mars) as a young American gal "who steals coins from an Italian fountain and finds herself receiving visits from numerous strangers who, having previously thrown coins into the fountain, are now in love with her." Johnson was offered the role by writer-director Mark Steven Johnson (no relation) to play Bell's dad, after a previous project between the two had fallen through. Then it's off to work on Orgy where Johnson will fill in as SNL's Jason Sudeikis' dad (I guess Johnson has finally reached the stage in his career where he is no longer the 'be-stubbled heartthrob' and more of a father figure).
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