Ever wondered what it would look like if some of our favorite superheroes (and villains) were to show up in random episodes of The Simpsons. Sure, we've already experienced Bart-Man, Radioactive Man, Hulk, Spidey ... and who am I forgetting ... but what if Batman, Joker, Penguin, Superman, Wonder Woman or The Flash popped into Springfield for a visit. (Didn't Batman make an appearance once? I forget.) Over at the blog Springfield Punx, they Simpson-ize a number of our most beloved fictional characters in movies and TV so that we, as fans, get to see what they would look like as Simpsons characters. Apart from Batman, there are a ton of Spidey-related Simpson characters, a little Star Trek, one Neo, a brilliant Arrested Development reference, Donnie Darko, James Bond ... and so much more. Check out a few of their images in the gallery below, then head on over to Springield Punkz to see the rest.

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