A new video is floating around the internets today, and it appears to be of the viral variety. Really? They're using viral videos to market movies now? When did that start becoming the hottest new trend evah?! Anyway, this particular video (see above) seems to be related to that new Kevin James flick Mall Cop (or Paul Blart: Mall Cop), since, well, it features Kevin James playing a loser-ish mall cop. Directed by Steve Carr (Mama's Boy, Daddy Day Care), James stars as a mild-mannered mall cop who is called to action when a group of organized crooks strike his sacred consumer land.

The video above, however, attempts to set up James' character by showing you how he handles a pesky skateboarder (played by Mike Vallely) who's in the middle of shooting one of those "lets skate around and destroy property" amateur videos. It's not a trailer, so don't judge the entire flick on what you see above -- but I will admit to laughing a couple of times (especially towards the end) while watching. Sure, we've been there and done that when it comes to your typical mall cop cliches, though I'm interested to see how well James carries a film all on his own. Dude definitely has some funny in him -- whaddya think?

Mall Cop hits theaters on [cough] January 16, 2009.
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