Tell me if this sounds familiar: The Hollywood Reporter posts that writers Ken Kaufman and David Agosto have sold an action-comedy pitch to MGM for $1 million. The project is tentatively titled Wardogs, and producer Michael Ewing says: "it's an action ensemble comedy in the vein of Ocean's Eleven, where the casting becomes an event. It is a bunch of these terrific actors getting together and having a good time, it's that kind of thing."

Did they keep seeing ads for Tropic Thunder while mourning the end of the Ocean's series? The film will be directed by Peter Segal, the man behind films like Tommy Boy, 50 First Dates, and most recently, Get Smart. So far, nothing is being said regarding Wardogs' plot, nor is there any word on when we'll start hearing about this super-cool group of actors.

Huge star ensemble comedies can be fun, but it kind of rubs me the wrong way when the only thing mentioned about the project is the plan for superstars, with no time given to the story. But here's your chance to dream up the ultimate star cast. What "terrific actors" would you cast in a film called Wardogs?
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