Holy crap! Holy crap. I don't get too many occasions to truly geek out -- go all giddy with excitement, rationality be damned -- but this is one of them. I may have previously mentioned my abiding love for Rian Johnson's Brick: my favorite film of 2005 and one of my favorites of the decade. I was already beyond psyched for The Brothers Bloom, Johnson's 2008 con man follow-up; pre-release buzz has been solid to great. I'm itching to declare the talented writer-director the Next Big Thing: someone with the cleverness of Tarantino and the chops of Fincher, but more heart. It's a little premature right now, but I'll get back to you after I watch Bloom.

Anyway, if I love something more than Brick, it's intelligent science-fiction. And lo: IGN reports that Rian Johnson's next project will be a film called Looper, a dark, violent, time travel-themed sci-fi story in the vein of Philip K. Dick. Johnson compares it to the first Terminator: relatively small-scale, character-driven sci-fi with time travel used as a plot device. That's all the details he gave on the plot, but I'm not sure how a project could be more tailored to my current obsessions and sensibilities.

The Brothers Bloom is supposed to come out on October 24th; I'm holding out hope that it will also make an appearance at the Toronto International Film Festival in September. You can see the trailer here.
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