I'm not sure what the difference is between a bad ass Star Wars moment, a great Star Wars moment and a memorable Star Wars moment, but something tells me the list of 31 Star Wars moments on Galactic Binder is a little bit of all of the above. They're calling it The Top 31 Bad Ass Star Wars Moments, so we'll stick with that for now. And while I certainly don't agree with the placement of a some scenes on this list, as well as the lack of a few classic scenes from the earlier films, I will say that, all together and across six films, we're looking at some very awesome movie moments.

Surprisingly, they include a whole bunch of scenes from the prequels, and, in doing so, leave out such favorites as the battle on Hoth in Empire Strikes Back, or the Ewok battle in Jedi. They mention the scene in which Leia chokes Jabba the Hut in Jedi (#25), but not the scene where Luke does the back flip off the plank, grabs his light saber in mid air and lands fighting his ass off. LOVE that scene. Oddly enough, they also mention the scene where Leia first appears in her gold bikini as being bad ass, but NOT the subsequent scene with Luke fighting the rancor. Strange ... but okay.

Anyway, their number one scene is the "I love you" bit between Han and Leia before he's frozen, whereas I would've chosen the scene pictured above. In my opinion, it's one of the greatest mid-point reversal/plot twists ever. On their list it's number 14. Bah! Feel free to check out their list to see where your favorite scenes rank, then tell us what they are in the comments section below.

[Thanks Mike]
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