Cinematical has just received this exclusive poster for the film Ping Pong Playa (click image above to enlarge), directed by Jessica Yu (Protagonist). Starring Jimmy Tsai (who also co-wrote the script with Yu), Ping Pong Playa follows one kid who dreams about escaping his dead-end job and playing professional basketball in the NBA ... except his entire family is obsessed with the world of ping pong. His dad runs a ping pong-related store, his mom teaches the sport and his brother is a ping pong champion. Will our hero break away from the pong pressure and live out his b-ballin' dreams, or will he discover that the game he dissed was the game he missed?

In her positive review from last year's Toronto International Film Festival, Cinematical's Monika Bartyzel called Ping Pong Playa "a refreshing reversal from the usual comedic fare -- a lone Asian American beacon of laughs in a sea that usually has only spots of color." Check out the trailer after the jump. Ping Pong Playa arrives in theaters on September 5.