I'm digging the Greek revival in Hollywood -- I know I should sniff at it as an empty trend that cashes in on 300, but I'm just not hard hearted enough. (And I continuously hope that they'll forget about the dumb parts of Troy and greenlight The Odyssey with Sean Bean in the lead.)

According to Variety, the latest Greek myth to be "remade" is Jason and the Argonauts (shortened to the pithier The Argonauts), though I'm skeptical in calling any story that's been around for thousands of years a remake. Jason hasn't sailed on the bigscreen since 1963, when he was assisted so famously by Ray Harryhausen. (There was a television miniseries in 2000 -- that was such a weird era for CGI mythology.) This time, he'll be doing his sailing for 20th Century Fox, and the movie will be written and produced by Zak Penn.

As you likely remember from your school days, this is the story of Jason's quest for the Golden Fleece. Charged with its retrieval by the unpleasant king (and usurper) Pelias, Jason assembles a great group of heroes (including the legendary Heracles) known as the Argonauts. Naturally, they had all kinds of crazy adventures, encountered horrible monsters, and loved a lot of women.

Penn is writing an original take on the Greek epic -- but I imagine all the standbys like the Harpies, the Sirens, and the Symplegades will be present. And I fully expect that it will have a 300 flavor, at least in the costuming and the muscles sported by Jason and company. Just about every studio has a Greek movie they're shoving into production (including that much discussed 300 prequel/sequel/whatever), so they're all going to be vying to outdo each other. At this point, my money is on Anabasisand this one, if only for Penn might bring a bit of X2 goodness to it. What about you?
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