At the beginning of the month, Erik posted a sweet-ass collection of Watchmen character posters. Now I hope by now you've perused the gallery and seen them in their full-color finest, but did you happen to catch one of the comments in the piece? Reader Steve threw up a link to Plasmic Studio, who have compared the movie posters to the originals for the graphic novel's release.

The comparisons are slowly making their way across the net, and if you haven't checked them out yet, you should. You can get a whiff of the black and white magic to the right, and then go to the PS link above to mouse-over comparisons. Why? Because Zack Snyder is such a Watchmen fanboy that he copied the exact posters. There are a few little changes here and there, but aside from a new light or different electronic panel, the posters are exact replicas.

I was already completely charmed by the production after visiting the set, but I'm very happy that every piece that comes out confirms my excitement for the film, rather than dampening it. How about you?

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