A two-time Academy Award-winning actress may star in a romantic comedy adapted from a weight control book. Hilary Swank's producion company has acquired the rights to the 2004 bestseller French Women Don't Get Fat: The Secret of Eating for Pleasure, and is developing the project as a possible starring vehicle for her, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

As its title intimates, Mireille Guiliano's book focuses more on lifestyle and state of mind than lists, tables and charts, though she includes dozens of recipes. Guiliano, a successful executive in the champagne business, also related her own personal story about gaining and losing weight. The book became an international bestseller and was translated into more than 40 languages.

The film version's heroine will be a "girl-next-door champagne company middle manager who learns some tough life lessons which help her become the woman she's always wanted to be." Will the heroine be French, or will she learn from a Frenchwoman? Heather Hach (Freaky Friday remake, TV show Legally Blonde: The Musical) has been hired to write the script.

Swank first stepped into a production role with the ensemble film 11:14 in 2003. She was executive producer for Freedom Writers and is serving in that capacity for the upcoming biopic Amelia, in which she stars as the famous flyer Amelia Earthart. Previously she was said to be starring in vampire drama Fangland and a remake of the 2003 French film Labyrinth.

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