In all the ComicCon insanity, a pretty cool story slipped under the Cinematical radar -- the news that Pixar had teamed up with Boom! Studios to create comic books and graphic novels based on the Disney/Pixar and Muppet properties. If that doesn't sound exciting to you, get a load of this -- the first series that will be published will be The Incredibles.

The series is confirmed for four issues, but author Mark Waid already has scripts penned for two more, and is hoping the series can continue beyond that. In an interview with MTV, Waid revealed that the storyline just about takes up where the movie left off. The characters aren't any older, and are still dealing with the insecurities and difficulties faced by a family of superheroes.

The four issue arc will center on Mr. Incredible, who starts suffering from heroic impotence. His powers are fading, and he doesn't want to tell his family or go to a doctor. Relgated to house husband status, "He feels terrible," Waid said. "He's calling them on the phone when they're on missions, to give them advice, but what he really needs to do is get his powers back." The Incredibles universe will be further fleshed out, introducing a doctor who practices superhero medicine.

The series will appear on store shelves in April, with other Pixar titles to follow. It sounds like Toy Story is the next in line, and the plan is to have six titles in rotation. None of the books, will deviate too far from the movie path in order not to interfere with possible sequels. And who knows -- we may just see The Incredibles go from the page to the screen for their second outing!
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