Somehow I've never seen this video clip, but with Star Wars: The Clone Warsarriving in theaters this Friday, it certainly popped into my life at a convenient time. From the short-lived Richard Pryor Show (which lasted only four episodes and aired on NBC in 1977) comes this skit with the comedian acting as a bartender in what appears to be The Mos Eisley Cantina ... but the show simply calls it Star Wars Bar. And I believe all of these are the original costumes worn in Star Wars: A New Hope, which makes the bit even funnier (especially when he wanders over to Greedo's table). The show itself was known for being a tad controversial, and did poorly in the ratings. Greatest line from this skit comes when Pryor reacts to a Star Wars creature by saying, "You look just like a nigga' from Detroit I know." Hilarious. Enjoy!