Some, I'm sure, watched Iron Man wishing they were the lucky one-night paramours of Tony Stark. Others, of course, just wanted that super awesome suit. Well, if you're one of the latter, you should really head on over to The website has been posting a bunch of DIY projects they've found on building your own personal Iron Man. (If only someone could also come up with a money tree or a sweet inheritance DIY project too ...) There are step-by-step guides, videos of the creations, and pictures of it from the film.

Make the hand repulsor. Whip up an arc reactor. Better yet -- make yourself an Iron Man mask. What's next? The whole flipping suit? If someone pulls that off, I'll be mighty impressed.

However, if The Dark Knight is more up your alley, they've also posted a super-cute USB bat spotlight. To the bat cave!
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