While the wonderfully verbose director Whit Stillman is rather elusive, whetting our cinematic appetites with the classic trio (Metropolitan, Barcelona, and Last Days of Disco) and then fading away, he hasn't been forgotten. Nor has he stopped working. Rumors have been circling his name in small bursts for years, and now the director has spoken with IFC about the work that has made him an icon of discussion cinema, and the work that is yet to come.

First: While Disco remains an elusive disc to those who didn't grab it all those years ago (it's one of the few DVDs I paid full, exorbitant price for), Metropolitan is now online, for free, over at Hulu (courtesy of Cinetic Rights Management). But if you're looking for more of Kate Beckinsale and Chloe Sevigny, Whit says that there have been slow negotiations with Criterion, which may or may not come to light.

But enough about the old. Here's a quick rundown of his upcoming projects (go read the interview to get all the gritty details):

Dancing Mood
, the Jamaican Film --
Financing woes have caused delays for the film, which is a love story set mainly in gospel churches. Once they get the money, everything else is set.

Red Azalea -- An adaptation focusing on China's cultural revolution, Whit says that he worked on script drafts, but "it never really got that far along."

Little Green Men -- That wacky movie where a political talkshow host is kidnapped by aliens was once said to have John Malcovich and Peter Sarsgaard attached. Stillman says the script approach hasn't been finalized, but that Greg Kinnear is now interested in the film.

So yeah, financing has been a big pain for Stillman, which is sad. So, will one of you rich readers go invest in the guy already? Please?
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