Oh, don't worry, this isn't some too-soon remake of that Matthew Perry / Salma Hayek film. This is something a wee bit more serious.

Variety reports that Liam Neeson and Orlando Bloom have signed on to star, and Javier Bardem is in talks to co-star, on a currently untitled film based on Bill Carter's book, Fools Rush In. The book focuses on Carter's time as an aid worker in Sarajevo, as he was grieving the death of his girlfriend in a car accident. It certainly will be a challenging piece of cinema, as Carter was there during the 43-month Balkan siege. I'm guessing that the untitled nature of the project is related to the Perry film.

Anyhow, Bloom says: "I read the script, and the very human story and the very core of this film spoke to me very clearly. This is a departure from the very big Hollywood productions." Andrucha Waddington, a Brazilian director, will helm the feature, and the production is scheduled to begin later this year. Now if only I could get over my Orlando apprehension...
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