Over the last few years, Italian director Gabriele Muccino has been busy with superstar Will Smith. He helmed ThePursuit of Happyness, and just wrapped up Seven Pounds. Now The Hollywood Reporter posts that he's cooking up a Kramer vs. Kramer style film that may or may not involve Smith's production company, Overbrook.

The project, titled What I Know About Love, is being written by Muccino along with the writer of Sex and the City, Liz Tuccillo. The director says: "It's the story of a family's collapse, but with the complexity that relationships have today. It's a different world now, one that I think is more open and more destructive somehow."

Considering the fact that Smith has starred in both of Muccino's recent films, I imagine that there's a decent chance that this film could be led by the ol' Fresh Prince as well. Smith brings the butts to the seats. Whatever happens, this should keep the filmmaker busy for a while with familial issues. He's also got an immigrant film called Man & Wife in the works.
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