Surfing around online earlier today, I came across this nifty little site called Handmade Detroit. Scrolling down, I noticed this spiffy fan made Michael Cera night light that was created as a gift for Cera himself. See, the item (as pictured above) comes with a pretty cool story: Apparently, the new film Youth in Revolt (based on the best book evah!) was shooting some interior scenes in Ferndale, Michigan at the house of a person who is friends with the girl who writes for Handmade Detroit. So, in the spirit of giving and being nice and all that jazz, she -- along with a few friends -- put together gift bags full of groovy stuff from local shops for some of the cast and crew. Awww. I love people who go out of their way to give other people free sh*t. High five Handmade Detroit!

Anyway, you can check out a photo of the entire gift bag over at Handmade Detroit, as well as a list of what exactly was in it and a whole lot more. So, who wants a Michael Cera night light?
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