Matthew Vaughn is set to direct an adaptation of Mark Millar's comic Kick-Ass -- and part of the cast he was hinting at back in June has been announced:Christopher Mintz-Plasse (McLovin, as predicted in the comments two months ago) and Chloe Moretz are joining the production.

Kick-Ass is the ultra-violent (surprise, it's Millar) story of a high school dork, Dave Lizewski, who reinvents himself as a superhero named Kick-Ass. Unfortunately, he's pretty bad at it, until he's forced to face real bad guys, who pack real weapons.

Surprisingly, Mintz-Plasse will not be playing the lead -- he's playing the Red Mist, the angry teenage spawn of a mob family, who tries to uncover the Kick-Ass' real life identity. Moretz will be playing a vicious, foul-mouthed 11-year-old who chops down criminals with a katana. (In other words, she's playing my future daughter. What can I say, I'm going to raise her right.) The lead has yet to be cast, and Vaughn is courting several big names to play parents and mobsters.

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