Welcome back to another edition of Insert Caption -- the game where you all race to the death to provide us with the best possible captions for photos from upcoming films. Last week we asked you to steal some of our thunder and shoot us your bestest captions for an image from Tropic Thunder. Luckily, we managed to choose three winners without staging a protest, and so congrats to you ... and you ... and you.

1. "They knew something had gone very wrong on the set of Alien 5 when, unexpectedly, Robert Downey Jr. popped out of the soldier's chest." -- Kurt P.

2. OK, this might not be the right time to bring this up ... but I'm pretty sure you still owe me for that last trip to IHOP." -- Jeremy C.

3."You can be my wing man anytime" -- Mike R.

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This week we're strapped in and ready to roll out with the ultra serious Jason Statham (for real, has anyone ever seen this guy smile?), who stars in the new flick Death Race (in theaters August 22). In the film, Statham stars as an ex-con who's forced by the warden of a prison to compete in a car race where severe road rage and the annihilation of your competitors is recommended. The drivers behind our three favorite captions this week will cruise away with one Death Race poster, one Death Race t-shirt, one Death Race tank top, and one Death Race hat. I'd tell you to use all that to create your own Death Race in the comforts of your home ... but something tells me that might not be the greatest idea. Sound off below!

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